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eCommerce | virtual shop | Commerce Technology

Increase your sales and gives you the most advanced E-commerce service that sale. This virtual shop included all, such as mobile shop, facebook shop and more

Coupons By Location
Mobile coupon

Push deals & offers to your potential customer and members and get all the data on roaming "on the go" customers which are navigating their way to your store

Mail Campaigns
Mail Marketing

1net allows you to send within seconds campaigns, newsletters, special offers and help you focus on the money time such as opinion leaders and customers interest

Landing Pages
Landing Page

Create your landing page and mini site in few minutes with drag and drop system, connect your own domain, google features, auto save your leads in side the system.

Customers Feedback
Survey system | Customers Feedback

Find out what your clients think and want. 1net allows you to create a survey which will answer the questions that only your clients knows the answers to

Customers Activity
CRM | Customer Relationship management

1net CRM enables you to find and follow your customer base, call history, purchases, campaign activities, coupons used, follow-up notification and more.

get customers

Onenet sends sales, offers and information relevant to potential customers based on their location, interests and life style

increase your sales

Onenet automatically detects a customers' needs and displays products and promotions based on web and shopping habits

customer retention

Onenet keeps with loyalty programs members informing members all about your new cool stuff

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