FEATURES - what makes the difference

Behind the scene
  • Control your sales & marketing
  • Full control over your onlineshop & website
  • Manage your promotions & Deals
  • Manage your members & customers
  • Real-time statistics & BI
  • Get info on your returning & loyal customers
  • Control over your advertising efforts
  • Enhance your span of conrol over your business
Face to face
  • Setup a membership club
  • Onenet tells you who is close by
  • Gorgeous email newsletters
  • Find out who is an opinion-maker clients
  • Send virtual money for returning customers
  • Interact with Facebook, Twitter & other social media
  • Track customer visits, purchases & Interest
  • Find out who is an influential life style client
After hours
  • E-commerce website that works for you
  • Get new orders to your mobile
  • Scheduled newsletters & campagins
  • Shop that do cross-sale & upsale according to customers statistics & actions
  • Create a daily deal promotion
  • Get real-time feedback from surveys
  • Onenet is learning about your customers while you sleep...zzzz

Benefits that separates you from the rest

Obtain New Customers

Real time information about your customer whereabouts, that you can turn into a marketing asset.
onenet creates for you more selling opporuinities!

Customer Retention

Onenet gives you the opportunity to reach out to your customer club with new products, news & upcoming sales. keeping your customer close & happy
is now very simple.

Social Businesses Networking

Interact with your peers and colleagues. create cooperation opportunities for you, and benefit from your surroundings.
Onenet makes it easy for you.

Online Managing

Manage your branches simultaneously with onenet. enhance their own marketing capabilities and increase your sales.

Empowerment Customer Services

Knowing who is your customer gives you the ability to create for him a positive buying experience. Onenet tells you what your customer is looking for!

Marketing Analysis

Full range of statistics, BI & other information about your one net marketing will enable your business to grow. understanding which marketing channel has the best ROI is crucial for you

Security & Safety

We keep your information safe. Onenet system is under the newest protection technology and is set to the highest standards.The system does not store any sensitive information such as credit card, and we woun't share your data with third parties.

Increasing Sales

More customers, more data, more selling oportunities... more money!
Oh... There is no obligation